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Pear Tree Photography Atlanta

How many photographs do you want to receive commemorating the most important days in your life? And how many of those do you want to love?

I have three photographs from my wedding day that I love. The rest could all be burned and I wouldn’t be sad. Two are portraits of me with my husband and the third is a blurry shot of us hugging as the photographer chased after us back down the aisle. I have a handful of photographs from the day my son was born. And the day my daughter was born? I don’t have any photographs.

I wish I could have do-overs for these days. I wish I had photographs to hold. To show my children. To eventually show their children. But I don’t. My memory is crummy and I feel like I have lost those days.

Not having photographs of these biggest and most important days in my life changed me. It changed the way that I looked through a camera. And what I have found, is that I photograph the moments that I wish I had of my own life. That tell the story of two people and the day they share, as they hold hands and exchange vows. Of when they welcome a new life into this world. Or celebrate the graduation of a senior heading off to college to pursue her dreams.

Hi, I’m Kelley and I created Pear Tree Photography Atlanta. I love to put photographs in my clients’ hands that they will cherish for a lifetime. I think everyone deserves to have more than a flash drive of digital images of the most important days in your life.

Whether you need a wedding photographer, senior photographs or the telling of a birth story, Kelley will create memorable photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime. Photographs that you will hang on your walls to see every day. That remind you of the biggest events in your life. Or every day moments. Moments filled with love and that bring your heart to overflowing when you see them each time.

You have reached a full service photography business. What does that mean? You will have choices and options. Hand holding, if you desire it for best choices of what will look best and where. At Pear Tree Photography Atlanta, you won’t be dumped with a flash drive of files that you don’t know what to do with and that will just live in a drawer because the sheer number of photographs is overwhelming. What is the point of having photographs made, if not to be printed and held and loved?

There is something centering and grounding about seeing a life size photograph over your fireplace that shows you and your loved ones at your best. A moment when you weren’t thinking about the laundry that needs to be folded. Or how you’re going to tell your boss you really don’t have it in you to do one. more. Powerpoint presentation. A moment that you lived in fully; appreciating your people.

In the middle of a hectic evening, out of the corner of your eye, that photograph will catch your attention and hold you still. Drawing you back to that afternoon in the woods and making you realize just how much you love these people. The same people who might also drive you crazy, but you love them so and wouldn’t trade them for anything. Even a caseload of Godiva chocolates.

On gloomy, rainy weekends, you can pull your heavy leather bound album off your coffee table to hold in your lap and slowly relive every moment of your wedding day with the turn of each page. To reminisce over all the time and planning that went into every little wedding detail and how you so successfully and unbelievably pulled it all together at the last minute. How your Dad looked at you when he first saw you all decked out in your wedding gown and tried to hold back his joy and tears. Or your first kiss as a married couple and the sigh of relief you felt as you turned around, hand-in-hand, to look out at your closest friends and family before walking back down the aisle. Together.

Or can you imagine watching your own slideshow of the day your daughter was born and sharing it with your Mom, who was half way across the country and missed this day filled with anticipation and excitement? It will be like she was right there with you, although she’s gripping your hand now and soaking in every detail of the packed hospital bags, the vitals screen with two heart beats peaking, and the cheers of elation on your husband’s and the midwife’s faces at the first gasp for air and then a newborn cry. You may find you both have tears sliding down your cheeks as you watch this day that was unlike any other.

 * * * * *


Pear Tree Photography Atlanta is owned and operated by Kelley Wenzel. Kelley thrives on providing stellar client experiences combined with photographs that melt your heart. She’s an artist and a creator of solutions, who loathes smarmy sales pitches. Which means, lucky for you, you get to touch and hold canvases and albums with visuals of different sizes on your own walls before making photography investment decisions. So you’re buying only what you want. And nothing that you don’t need.

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