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Wedding Photography (Traditional) in Canton

What do you want to remember about your wedding day?

You will put so much time into planning every detail of this day. Every moment. Yet it will fly by faster than you can possibly imagine. Your married friends have warned you..the day will be over before you know it. In spite of your best intentions, you likely won’t get a moment to sit down with Aunt Jeanne and chat as both of you would like. The day will suddenly be over. Just like that.

So many precious moments will slip through your hands like sand. Your wedding dress will be stored and passed down to the next generation. The top cake will be saved for your first anniversary celebration. The music stops playing even before you drive away from the reception. And over time, memories of all those sparkling moments will fade, too.

There’s a way to capture what would be lost.

When you hire just the right professional wedding photographer, you ensure that your memories will last your lifetime. And for generations to come.

Not only will the carefully crafted perfection of your dress and rings and bouquets and cakes be preserved, but so will all the unscripted in-between moments. The moments when you’re basking in a moment of silence when everyone has stepped out to grab their dresses. Or when you’re inspecting your reflection in the mirror to know nothing is out of place before walking down the aisle.

And there’s the hand squeeze with a bridesmaid when your veil is set. And the hug from your Mom when she realizes this is the last time she will hold you as her little girl. Remembering how amazing you felt when reading that surprise love note from your sweetheart, with whom you will exchange vows in just a matter of hours. You’ll hold his hand during the ceremony and barely hear all of the words flow by because this day. is. finally. happening. For you both.

Then there are the moments you didn’t know were happening, but might make you squeal in surprise when you look back at your day. Maybe your betrothed had a glass of champagne while getting ready without telling you? He was nervous, too. Or seeing the look on your sister’s face while dancing with her boyfriend at your reception and realizing she is in love with him. You know now that you won’t be surprised when they announce their own engagement, even if he hasn’t proposed yet.

As years pass, having photographs of all these moments that unfolded during your wedding day will bring you right back to that moment.

You’ll be pulled back to the love you felt in the instant when your wedding band slid onto your finger and everything changed. You’ll feel echoes of the nerves as you stood behind your wedding cake with that big knife (How am I supposed to cut this thing?). You’ll remember the music that was playing in the background. And the scent of your grandma’s perfume.

These are moments you won’t want to forget. And you won’t. Because they’ll all come flooding back as you turn through the pages of your wedding book.
With Pear Tree Photography Atlanta, you will receive hundreds of images documenting the emotions and moments of your day to see and share on your computer with your family and friends. But you will also receive tangible reminders of your day. that you can hold in your hands. You’ll hug them to your heart before you turn to the next page in your album.

You’ll hang these photographs on your walls. Because the most important and sacred day of your life shouldn’t be relegated to a CD in a drawer. This day is worthy of being relived. Over and over.
Hiring a professional wedding photographer is a huge decision. It’s likely the biggest choice you will make about your wedding day. What your photographer captures and delivers (or doesn’t) is the foundation of memory that will be with you for the rest of your lives after this life-changing day.

Pear Tree Photography Atlanta doesn’t just show up on your wedding day, shoot photos, and then upload images to you, end of story, a month later. In the months leading up to your wedding, Kelley will work closely with you to create photographs from your engagement session that you proudly display at your wedding and cherish for decades. She will help you plan out your wedding day together to ensure there is enough time to document all of the people and details of your day. After your wedding, Kelley will spend dozens of hours choosing and editing each image to ensure what you receive is nothing less than stunning.

She will continue working with you on the design of your wedding album until it is absolutely perfect. For you. And for the life you will share together. Because in another thirty years, these memories will mean everything. To you both.

Wedding Photography Canton GA


Canton Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography in Canton
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