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Birth Story Photography Atlanta GA

Birth Story Photography

Atlanta Birth Story Photography
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Birth Story Photography in and near Atlanta Georgia

Birth Story Photography in Atlanta

Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! Are you ready to push this baby out and meet her and hold her and love her and kiss her? Are you ready to turn over in bed without feeling like you need a crane for assistance? Or just ready to not have to pee every twenty minutes because a small human is sitting on your bladder?
It won’t be long and you will be in Labor + Delivery, feeling like you’re on a roller coaster as nurses, midwives, and doctors bustle around you checking vitals and sharing measurements that were never important to you until now. There will be so much excitement filling the room, as you watch a screen while listening to your baby’s heartbeat. And stretches of downtime where it seems like you aren’t getting any closer to meeting this new soul and you just want the whole room cleared of people and noise.
This day will be filled with emotions and activity that you won’t want to forget. Whether you are delivering naturally or enjoying a lower discomfort route through pain meds, once you see and hold your baby, your memory will do crazy things. Call it Mommy Brain, a surge in crazy hormones, or just focusing on this incredible new miracle you are holding. Something happens to our memories from the day when our child is born. Everything becomes fuzzy in the days and months to come.
At some point, we forget the promises we made to remind our husbands of how much pain he caused us as we PUSH. Or the moments when he so quietly sat right behind you, with his chin on your shoulder and his arms wrapped around yours. His silent presence giving you the strength to just breathe and know you are in this together. Forever forward, you will be partners in this new existence as parents. You will be changed. Both of you.
Birth story photography is just as much about the arrival of your newborn infant as it is about you becoming parents. About your own parents becoming grandparents and how they are bursting with excitement in the hours preceding delivery and beaming with pride afterwards. Your Mom will quickly forget how she’s said she is just too young to be a Grandma. You will have photographs that remind you how your best friend kept a washcloth constantly cool for you to keep you comfortable while running interference with the overly excited folks in the room. She will see your eyes saying, “I just want peace,” and then tell everyone, “Why don’t you all get some coffee...not much will be happening here for awhile.”
Every year, we celebrate birthdays for those we love the most in this world. We honor another year, welcomed in with candles on a cake and wishes for continued blessings. But how many of us have the gift of photographs to share these memories with our children as they grow? That tells them the story of the day they were born. That shows them the excitement for their arrival. Or how much they were loved. Before they ever took their first breath.
You will have a beautiful, heirloom keepsake book to tell the story of your son’s birth day. To look at together and talk about who was there, waiting for him to be born. How Uncle Sean ran out to sneak in a little Chinese food for you when the nurses weren’t watching. And how his Papa had tears streaming down his cheeks when he held his grandson for the first time. The Papa who never cries.

Printed with archival inks on artisan paper, this book will be passed down to be enjoyed for generations. That will remind everyone in your family how much love and joy you shared on a day that is unlike any other.

Birth Story Photography Atlanta GA
Atlanta Birth Story Photography
Wedding Photography in Atlanta
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