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Child Photography in and near Atlanta Georgia

Child Photography in Atlanta

Your baby boy is no longer a baby, is he? They grow up so fast. First departing the newborn phase when they’re so scrunchy and warm and sweet. Then babyhood comes and goes, as they learn how to pick up cheerios before dropping them on the floor. Teeth push in and drool dribbles out. Oh, the drool. It’s never ending, isn’t it? He melts your heart every time he says, “Momma.” 
Then toddlerhood comes and you almost want him to stop calling, “Momma.”  Or asking you, “Why?”  Because the two seem to be on repeat, don’t they? And yet, all the while, he’s learning. Learning to count and sing the ABC’s. Learning what gets a reaction if he drops his food on the floor one more time. Or what gets an extra hug when you’ve already turned out the light and said, “Good night, Sugar Bear.”
Suddenly he’s five and climbing up the steps on a school bus. Where did the time go? He was just a baby and now’s he’s a grown boy, attending a real school. A school with children with ages in the two digits and not just one. And he loves it. He’s growing taller and learning more. Becoming a thoughtful individual. The thoughtful and kind individual you are teaching him to be.
It’s not easy, raising these little people. We often question if we’re doing the right thing. Are we being too harsh in our discipline? Or too soft and letting him get away with too much? And yet, in spite of our second guesses, he continues to grow up. Continually surprising you with questions you’re unprepared to answer or comments that let you know how observant he is when he notices that you change the style of your hair.
This is an age you don’t want to forget. That photographs of his crinkled nose and squinting eyes with a sly smile will bring you right back to this age. You can hang a canvas over his bed or in your sitting room. Either way, you will see his sweet face every day. And so will he. And he’ll know how incredibly important he is in your life.
“Speechless and wordless! But mostly thankful for making Sunny shine. I absolutely love all of the photographs and couldn’t think of a better representation of his character.”  - Julie O.

Child Photography Atlanta GA
Atlanta Child Photography
Wedding Photography in Atlanta
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