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Lifestyle Baby Photography Atlanta GA

Lifestyle Baby Photography

Atlanta Lifestyle Baby Photography
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Lifestyle Baby Photography in and near Atlanta Georgia

Lifestyle Baby Photography in Atlanta

So you have moved out of the newborn stage (that went fast, didn’t it?) and your little bundle of joy is growing. Fast, again, right? How fun is it to watch your daughter’s personality grow and change? And just when you think you’re getting a handle on things, she changes it up on you.
Our babies learn and grow so much during their first year with us. From blowing through multiple sizes of diapers and clothing in record time to learning how to call us by name. It’s heart melting when you first hear her say, “Mama” or “Dada,” isn’t it?
Teething isn’t much fun and it seems like they become a bottomless pit of drool, but that first tooth is just the cutest. And then there’s another tooth. And another. And right before our eyes, our babies are turning into people. With their own whims and desires. To crawl across the room and disappear when your back is turned for only a second and a half. Or how they empty entire kitchen cabinets to sneak into pots and bang spoons against them.
Every stage is new and exciting because they are learning so much. And just as quickly as they are growing, we are forgetting what they last did. Or how they laughed uncontrollably because you faked a sneeze. A dozen times in a row. And each subsequent sneeze was funnier than the one before it.
It doesn’t take much to delight our babies or turn their world upside down (you weren’t serious about taking back your key ring, were you?). Capturing these quickly changing stages in photographs will help you remember for decades all the wonderful little quirks and expressions of your baby.
Your lifestyle baby photography session will be at a location of your choosing. In your home. The playground you visit every weekday morning to wear your son out before his after lunch nap. The local botanical garden, which is sure to put smiles on your baby’s face as she delights in all of the beautiful scents and colors. Or the reading corner of your local library. Wherever you love spending time together. So it’s no pressure to sit tall and say, “Cheese!”  We won’t do that. I promise.
The photographs we make together will be all about your every day moments. What puts a big grin on your baby’s face or makes her clap her hands? The snuggles the two of you share together. His bare feet racing across your living room floor to show you a new trick with an old toy.
Whether you choose to hang canvases of your daughters three month old toes and sweet smile over her crib or select photographs of your eight month old son wrapped in his favorite blanket and playing with his fire truck to be kept safe in an album, you will have images to cherish for the rest of their lives. That pull at your heart and remind you of just how small they used to be.

Lifestyle Baby Photography Atlanta GA
Atlanta Lifestyle Baby Photography
Wedding Photography in Atlanta
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