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Lifestyle Family Photography

Atlanta Lifestyle Family Photography
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Lifestyle Family Photography in and near Atlanta Georgia

Lifestyle Family Photography in Atlanta

Not big on the white backdrops and trendy props you see in the local photography studios? Or what your kids’ schools send out in the spring? Everybody gets those and it’s great to have wallets and 5x7 prints to send to the grandparents.
But do you really want the obvious ‘cheese’ grins plastered on your six year old’s face to remember this age and printed big? Wouldn’t you rather have photographs of your family interacting naturally and showing their real smiles? That remind you of silly giggles and secret dance moves?
Lifestyle family photography is all about capturing your family when they’re most relaxed and in their normal stomping grounds. Around the kitchen table. At a local park. Or at your weekly hangout, whether it’s the library across town or a favorite coffee shop.
By photographing your family in comfortable spaces that you love, we will create uniquely personal photographs that you will hold and cherish for decades. To remember how you spent lazy Saturday mornings playing Old Maid with your five year old. How he would snuggle in close to his baby brother’s face while you changed your infant’s diaper and the sweet whispers of baby talk you will never understand between these two siblings.
For the rest of their lives and then into the years when you’re fortunate enough to have grandchildren, you will have an heirloom quality book to show your babies and grandbabies how you loved to visit the library. That before you could do anything else, you had to find “The Little Engine That Could” to read in the comfy corner chair before checking out the new arrivals.

This sweet age, when your five year old still loves to sit on your lap and nestle into your chest while you read aloud. These are the memories you will cherish. Of the every day moments. That built a life. That make your family yours.
“Oh my goodness. I don’t know what to say. When I saw the photo, they made me smile and cry at the same time. The photographs made me fall in love with every member of my family all over again.”  - Elizabeth B.

Lifestyle Family Photography Atlanta GA
Atlanta Lifestyle Family Photography
Wedding Photography in Atlanta
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