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So You're Graduating High School And You'd Like To Win A Cruise!

#2019graduates Your high school career is coming to a close. Your senior year will be your best year yet. Want to make it even more fun? Fill out the form below to learn about ...
High school senior ballerina sitting at base of Roswell Mill waterfall

Your high school career is coming to a close.
High school senior girl sitting on fallen tree at Sope Creek

Your senior year will be your best year yet.
High school senior girl silhouetted on covered bridge in pink smoke

Want to make it even more fun?
Dancing high school senior girl with swishing hair in front of grafitti wall

Fill out the form below to learn about joining Pear Tree Photography Atlanta's senior model tribe.
High school senior boy smirking in bow tie

You (and your parent) will receive an exclusive invite to learn more.
High school senior girl laughing in front of grafitti wall

About making senior photographs around Atlanta. Destination shoots in Florida and NYC.
High school senior girl dancing and smiling in the sun

And how you'll be entered to win a four day cruise after graduation.
High school senior girl laughing and dancing in the ocean

Enter your information below to receive your invite.


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Part 2 Of Charlotte + Andy's Birth Story At The Atlanta Medical Center

Labor is hard. And it can be long. It can be hard to navigate. Having the assistance of an excellent midwife and/or doula can be instrumental in delivering your baby the way you wanted and envision...
Labor is hard. And it can be long.

It can be hard to navigate. Having the assistance of an excellent midwife and/or doula can be instrumental in delivering your baby the way you wanted and envisioned. And not under the agenda being pushed by hospital staff.

Lauren from Meraki Mama Collective was with Charlotte and Andy throughout Charlotte's 34 hours of labor. She held Charlotte up, danced with her, encouraged her, let her know what was/not normal, and when she should speak up for herself. Lauren was amazing at helping Charlotte through the long hours and at managing pain when meds weren't doing the trick. She made me wish for do-overs and to go back in time for when I gave birth to both of my babies.

While Vanessa and Anjli from the Atlanta Birth Center helped Charlotte through the first half of her labor, Crystal got Charlotte through the second half and delivered Eva. When others were pushing for a c-section due to the length of labor and lack of progress, Crystal was closely monitoring Charlotte and pushed back to maintain Charlotte's birth plan for a normal delivery. Two weeks later, Charlotte told me how thankful she was that Crystal was the on-call midwife who delivered Eva. For her commitment to her patient, for her professionalism, and mostly for her expertise in safely bringing Eva into this world.

Charlotte received an epidural, but had issues with it not blocking the pain fully on one side of her body. It took quite a bit of time for the anestheisiologist to come back and adjust the epidural. The second half of Charlotte's labor at the Atlanta Medical Center was long. And there may have been more time spent waiting than actively trying to move along labor like the day before during Part 1 of Charlotte + Andy's birth story. Chairs were at a premium. Andy, Charlotte's best friend Melissa, and Lauren (Doula Extraordinaire) all slept on a lumpy cot and the floor. I slept on the floor or granite counter tops. Quite the glamorous life waiting for a new life to arrive!

Throughout the night, we heard helicopters coming and going outside of Charlotte's room. We saw the sun set on the Atlanta skyline. And the next morning, we saw the sunrise light up the buildings. At 10:17am, Eva Rose was born. After thirteen minutes of pushing, the room went from having nine people in it to ten.

Witnessing a birth is all the adjectives. Amazing. Incredible. Humbling. Magical. Mind blowing.

Another human entered the room and a door wasn't opened.

Eva Rose made a unique entrance, with one of her arms entering the world at the same time as her head. Much like waiting until after her due date to arrive, she started off right from the beginning doing her own thing. A new team of nurses and a doctor were called in after her birth to help clear passageways to breathe easily and make sure she had enough oxygen before Charlotte could hold her skin-to-skin.

Charlotte. Is a warrior. She is strong. And knows how to pick a fabulous support team. She was surrounded by people cheering her on through Eva's birth. Her husband. Her best friend. Her parents. Her doula and midwife. She was surrounded by people wiping away tears from cheeks.

Charlotte was in a room with nine people.
She pushed one last time and it became ten people.
Ten people and a whole new world of dreams to be chased.
The room filled with love and hopes and dreams and happiness and relief.

Eva Rose was born.
Silhouette of pregnant mom leaning over bed in Atlanta Medical Center
Pregnant mom receiving IV with doula watching over her
Pregnant mom with midwife while family closes blinds in Atlanta Medical Center
Pregnant mom in labor with husband stroking her hair
Pregnant mom checking her phone while husband sleeps on Atlanta Medical Center floor
Atlanta skyline at sunset with reflection of pregnant mom being checked
Pregnant labor monitor of contractions
Pregnant mom laughing in bed with doula in front of Atlanta night skyline
Meraki Mama Doula holding pregnant mom in labor while epidural is adjusted
Dad-to-be sleeping on floor while wife is in labor in bed at Atlanta Medical Center
Pregnant mom holding onto bed with finger glowing from oxygen checker

While Crystal, Lauren, and Melissa were helping Charlotte with pushing and encouragement, Andy was making his own documentary video of Eva's birth. He was so excited to see the miracle of his daughter's birth.
Dad videoing his daughter's birth as she is first pushed out
Mom looking at newly delivered baby on bed while Dad watches over with cell phone video
Dad kissing mom just after their daughter was born and is getting cleaned up by nurses
Dad hugging and kissing wife after their baby girl is born
Doctor caring for newborn baby while nurses, midwife, and new dad watch
Mom holding newborn baby girl
Umbilical cord cut on tray with surgical scissors
New mom holding newborn baby girl to her skin
New grandma photographing her newborn grand daughter and her daughter
New dad and grandpa smiling over newborn baby
Newborn baby in middle of measurements and footprints with hospital nurse
New mom breastfeeding newborn baby for first time with help of Meraki Mama doula

Charlotte + Andy. You two are unbelieavable humans. You'll be even more fabulous as parents in raising this new miracle.

Thank you.
For inviting me into the most intimate moments of your lives to document new beginnings.
Your wedding.
Eva's birth story.

I'm blown away by your strength, kindness, and humor.

Thank you for being you.


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Atlanta Birth Center Story - Charlotte + Andy (Part 1)

For weeks, I knew Charlotte was ready to bring Eva into this world and meet her. I could see it in her facebook and instagram posts. Eva was continuing to grow. Charlotte's discomfort was growing ...
For weeks, I knew Charlotte was ready to bring Eva into this world and meet her. I could see it in her facebook and instagram posts. Eva was continuing to grow. Charlotte's discomfort was growing with being able to move. But moreso, hers and Andy's excitement couldn't climb much higher to meet this little one.

For over a week, I was religiously checking my phone. Was there a message from Charlotte? Had she updated facebook recently? We had talked several times about what to do when it was time. She knew to call and not text because she was now an emergency contact that would bypass the Do Not Disturb mode on my phone. Updates came about contractions moving along in the late afternoon and it looked positive that Eva might decide to arrive on the seventh of March. I went to bed early anticipating a middle of the night call. And then it came. At 1:45am, Andy was on my phone saying they were heading to the Atlanta Birth Center. I jumped in the shower, because bed hair, and was out the door before 2am.

At 2am in the morning, Atlanta interstates are a BREEZE, people! The roads were almost completely empty and I was walking in the doors of the birth center by 2:30am. I may or may not have been pushing the speed limit. Because there was a BABY coming! Charlotte's best friend Melissa arrived at the same time as I did. Andy let us into a dark building and Lauren from Meraki Mama Collective was already in the birthing room supporting Charlotte.

Let me stop here and give you mommas-to-be some advice. When you're planning the birth of your miracles, give solid thought to having your own doula. It may seem like an extra expense that you can cut. Similar to hiring a wedding planner seems like an extra expense, but having one makes your day flow sooooo much more smoothly and they make sure your photographer doesn't miss any impromptu and important moments. Having a doula at your side is one of THE best gifts you can give yourself (and your husband) in making it through labor. Lauren was phenomenal at helping Charlotte manage pain and utilize different techniques to shift her focus and make it through over 30 hours of labor together. Lauren was a force, bringing calm to the room. And peace in knowing everything would be okay. That everything was normal. That there were options that the medical staff wasn't offering. Lauren offered support and encouragement. But also redirection in focusing on things to do other than thoughts that could have easily circled, like, "OhmygodithishurtssomuchImdoneandcantgoonjustgivemeanepiduralnow!"

The images you are about to see occurred between 2:30am on March 7th and 12:15pm on March 8th, 2018. The birthing center was Charlotte and Andy's domain until 8am and they had free reign to walk the halls and rooms.
Pregnant momma's feet on birth center floor while rolling on birth ball
Laboring mom holding a banana while pausing on birth ball in a contraction
Pregnant mom leaning on birthing ball
Doula and midwife helping mom in labor at Atlanta Birth Center
Mom in labor leaning on nursing counter at Atlanta Birth Center
Mom in labor at 3:57am in Atlanta Birth Center
Husband kissing wife in labor in birthing center
Some women fear the fire while others become it artwork on wall between laboring mom and her husband
Bank of America building lit up in the night sky from Atlanta Birth Center
Pregnant mom in labor at Atlanta Birth Center surrounded by husband, best friend, and doula
Pregnant mom in labor leaning on husband
Doula on bed with mom in labor at Atlanta Birth Center
Meraki Mama doula holding hand of mom in labor
Feet of mom in labor on bed
Husband laying in bed next to wife in labor with best friend watching over
Meraki Mama doula stroking pregnant mom's hair out of her face
Husband holding up his wife in labor
Midwife checking blood pressure of mom in labor
Meraki Mama doula helping pregnant mom labor at Atlanta Birth Center

As dawn was creeping into the Atlanta skyline, Charlotte was exhausted and labor had not progressed as hoped overnight. The contractions had backed off a bit, but were still so painful. After long conversations, she decided with Lauren's help to get some sleep to restore her energy for dealing with the labor in a few hours. Andy was using his phone throughout the night to document from his perspective.
Husband tucking in pregnant wife in Atlanta Birth Center

Lauren and I both dozed on and off for a little while on the floor. I opened my eyes to see her in the middle of yoga stretches.
Doula doing yoga while pregnant mom sleeps in Atlanta Birth Center
Husband checking phone next to sleeping, pregnant wife
Bank of America building at dawn from Atlanta Birth Center window

Several hours passed quickly. The meds they gave Charlotte made waking up a slow process. She talked with Lauren and Andy at length before deciding she was not strong enough to continue on her natural birth plan. She had used up so much energy overnight and the pain was more than she had anticipated. Over the next hour, plans were made to drive across town to the Atlanta Medical Center for Eva's birth, along with meds for pain management. Charlotte is a warrior.
Pregnant mom talking with doula in Atlanta Birth Center
Pregnant mom walking with husband through Atlanta Birth Center lobby.

Click here to see the next 20+ hours of Charlotte's labor and Eva's birth story at the Atlanta Medical Center.

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Millenium Gate And Piedmont Park Engagement Session - Desirae + Troy

Desirae + Troy are two California transplants now living in Atlanta. They're enjoying our city, restaurants, and learning the intricacies of planning a wedding across the country back in Californi...
Desirae + Troy are two California transplants now living in Atlanta. They're enjoying our city, restaurants, and learning the intricacies of planning a wedding across the country back in California for later this year. They received this engagement session from Troy's sister for Christmas. And we were all relieved that winter took a break for the afternoon for the sun to come out and warmer temperatures to grace our bodies.
Engaged couple embracing in front of Atlanta's Millenium Gate

With every client, I always ask if there is a particular image that they want to make. Or if there is something else they'd like to do while we're together. Troy said he wanted to get cars in the background. So one day, when he and Desirae are old and wrinkly and grey, they can show the images to their great grandkids and watch them marvel over how crazy our cars looked. Done!
Man picking up his fiance and spinning her at Millenium Gate
Fiances kissing each other in front of building with blue windows

We walked around the Millenium Gate area to the bridge and these two danced and spun. So fun!
Engaged couple dancing and spinning on bridge by Millenium Gate

Did I mention how happy we were that the sun was out and it wasn't freezing?
Engaged couple laughing in the sun on a bridge

Love getting a different view of the Atlanta skyline!
Engaged couple kissing on Millenium Gate bridge with Atlanta skyline in background

Then we changed locations. And outfits. And had more fun together.
Couple dancing in front of stone wall at Piedmont Park

We managed to hit the gazebo at Piedmont Park at the right time and these two had it to themselves for a minute.
Engaged couple kissing in Piedmont Park gazebo

I believe these two were imagining what life would be like fifty years from now, sitting on their porch swing. I love that they're already thinking of life together so far out and knowing they will have so many wonderful experiences together between now and then. A life well lived to look back upon together.
Laughing couple swinging and holding hands.
Engaged couple walking between tall trees at Piedmont Park with sun streaming down on them

And of course we made the obligatory Atlanta skyline image before we left Piedmont Park!
Engaged couple standing in Atlanta skyline at Piedmont Park.

Desirae + Troy! I am wishing you all the best in the continuation of your wedding planning across the country and your Happily Ever After!

I'm so glad you loved the photographs we made together!!

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Windy + Romantic Newnan Square Engagement Photography Session - Alex + Jacob

I love hearing about how people meet. How love is found, kindled, and grown. For Alex and Jacob, they were matched in the Bumble app. And they knew right away that this was it. Right away. Love ...
I love hearing about how people meet. How love is found, kindled, and grown. For Alex and Jacob, they were matched in the Bumble app. And they knew right away that this was it.

Right away.

Love at first sight.
Couple in formal dress walking through Newnan Square

Sometimes, there are fairy tales in real life.
Couple almost kissing in front of Newnan Alamo Theatre

In a world where there is such divisiveness and hostility, it restores my soul to work with couples like these two. They are my people.
Couple smiling and holding each other while reflected in shop windows

Love first. Everything else is second.
Couple nuzzling close while reflected in Newnan storefront windows

Isn't that how it should be? All things in love?
Couple smiling and holding hands while walking through Newnan Square

With love, we can find and create kindness. Compassion. Understanding. Curiosity. A burning desire to make things work.
Even in the For Worse situations that we so often include in our marriage vows.
Romantic engaged couple walking through Newnan Square

Alex found me after seeing Charlotte's courthouse wedding on social media. They went to Life University together. Alex loved Charlotte's wedding images. She loved the photographs we made in the Marietta Square walking around with buildings and cars in the backgrounds.
Beautiful woman holding onto her fiance's arm and looking up at him

I love these small world connections.
Romantic engaged couple holding each other in front of blossoming cherry tree

Storms were looming on this Friday afternoon as I was driving down to Newnan to meet these two. I wasn't sure that the rain would hold off. But it did. We were fortunate.
A romantic couple embracing and almost kissing. Her engagement ring is clearly seen on her hand wrapped around his back

Instead, we were treated to blasts of wind that did lovely things with Alexandra's hair. And dramatic skies for the end of our time together.
A man's hands wrapped around his fiance's back underneath her long, curly hair

We left the Newnan Square and drove a few blocks away to a little park that had the most beautiful cherry tree that was in blossom.
A gorgeous engaged couple sitting on a park bench almost kissing

Aren't these two the sweetest? I adore their peaceful, yet almost fierce love for each other. It felt like there was this bubble surrounding them. Keeping them safe from the world. Protecting their relationship.
An engaged couple holding each other close

Perhaps that is the military aspect. It runs deep. Jacob comes from a line of Navy men. He's in the Air Force. Whenever I'm with military couples, there is a different kind of quiet that surrounds them that is difficult to explain. It's a safe zone that feels like no one else can intrude.
Engaged couple embracing under archway in Newnan park with dramatic stormy skies in background

Alexandra + Jacob. Thank you for asking me to make your engagement photographs and to stop time for you in this part of your journey together. I'm wishing you all the best in married life!

Engagements can be short or long. They can arrive swiftly and unexpectedly, or be years in the making. But they are an unparalleled time of excitement in dreaming and planning of the next phase in life as married people. If you would like to stop time and create photographs of your love together to enjoy for a lifetime and likely show off to generations to come, contact Kelley at Pear Tree Photography Atlanta to start a conversation. We can make your engagement photographs anywhere you want that's special to you!

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