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Category : Engagement Photography

Let's Not Fall Into The Grand Canyon, OK?

I visited the Grand Canyon at the beginning of November. It was on par with my visits happening every ten years. But I want to change that and go back sooner without waiting another ten years. ...

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Millenium Gate And Piedmont Park Engagement Session - Desirae + Troy

Desirae + Troy are two California transplants now living in Atlanta. They're enjoying our city, restaurants, and learning the intricacies of planning a wedding across the country back in Californi...

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Windy + Romantic Newnan Square Engagement Photography Session - Alex + Jacob

I love hearing about how people meet. How love is found, kindled, and grown. For Alex and Jacob, they were matched in the Bumble app. And they knew right away that this was it. Right away. Love ...

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Engagement Days Remembered - Brandon + Lauren

Engagements can be a surprise. And they can be completely anticipated. They can be short. They can be long. They seem to be different in many ways for everyone. But there is one factor that seems...

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Engagement Photography Session At Yonah Mountain Vineyard - Lauren + Brandon

Lauren + Brandon met at UGA and have been together for six years. They have a quiet presence together, yet you can tell they are a force. A team that seems destined to make a difference in this wor...

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